2021 Fall Denim Trends

Hey Ladies!

We are here to bring you some of this years fall denim trends. As we know both light and dark denim will forever be in style.  While we know skinny jeans will  never truly die, and I don't think we want them to, we've spotted several emerging denim trends that are pretty much the antithesis of skinnies.  

These are the trends for Fall 2021 and a must have in your closet:

* Wide Leg

* Baggy

* Low Rise

* Flare Out/Bell Bottoms

* High Waist Flares/Bell Bottoms


Some ways to style these trends:

* Button Down Shirt

* With a trench coat or blazer

* Mules/Heels

* Chunky Sweaters

* Pretty (Statement) Tops

* Graphic Tee & Sneakers


These trends are so easy to style, so don't be scared just pair them with whatever you like.

Hanger Boutique!